Photos : LEGOLAND Malaysia

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Yeahhh... finally we were there... at the LEGOLAND Malaysia.. the first in Asia..
Thanx to Bpac, who got the free tickets from a friend.

it's a great experience, reminding your childhood moments playing LEGO..

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ROMPONGZ - Berbuka @ Erfan Studio

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Seperti yang dihajat oleh Kid @ Wan Namiron ingin memeriahkan studio nye dengan mengajak rompongz utk berbuka puasa bersama akhirnya kesampaian pada 10 Aug 2012. Walaupun makanannya kami yg bawa sendiri, syukur dan terima kasih kami ucapkan kepada Kid utk menyediakan minuman.

LCian Ride X Ajak - 9 July 2012

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9 July 2012, 2.45am - Napie mcm biasa r kaki "bakar line" tibe2 chat ngan aku awal2 pagi tu.. mcm biasa r die, buat ayat sedey die "Deen, i need to do something tomorrow"... kene plak aku cuti gak isnin tu.. mmg aku la jadi magsa die...

tapi aku pon sebenarnye kebosanan gak... dari tidor je baik buat something... si napie ni duk ajak gi ride awana... aku plak dah bosan kesitu jer... so tibe2 datang la ilham kitorg nak buat ride LCian jer... mentang2 la aku pakai LC je skrang kan... xpe2.. nasib baik ade geng...

Ride Am Kene Tinggal - 24 June 2012

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Ride kali ini dinamakan sempena Am (Alantris) kene tinggal time turun dari Genting... dah la naik scooter Ego.. Ego la sorg2 die kat hiway Karak...hehehe

Dan juga, aktiviti share knowledge utk knee down.. sifoo2 ramai yg tunjuk ajar.. pelajar2 nyer bagus.. cepat je belajar.. tgk la photo2nye dari hasil tangkapan pada aritu

Kawasaki Ninja 250r Alitalia Edition - USED For Sale

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Condition : Tip Top Meletop

Accessories Includes:

- Custom Airbrush PaintJob By Taymen AirBrush
- Zox Clip-on Handle Bar
- CNC Handle Bar Riser
- Steel Braided Brake Host
- Carbon Fibre Side Cover
- Double Bubble Windscreen
- Original BRT Racing CDI + on/off selector
- 2 x Malossi Open Port Air Intake/Filter Unit (Italy Made)
- Racing Clutch Spring (USA Made)
- Single Seat Cover
- Adjustable + Safety Flip Brake/Clutch Lever
- SSS Alloy Race Sprocket (15/47 - Gold)
- Sportisi Full System Exhaust
- OEM Barracuda Style LED Front Signals
- Tuned up Carburetor + Port and Polished
- Plus all stock parts

Full periodic serviced by MZAB Motorsport.
If interested, do not hesitate to call/sms and name your price.

Rizal - 0122515138

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Rompongz Photoshoot - BMW S1000RR

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Ok, this shoot was a rush one, since we did not plan for such activity. What happened was, everyone was damn bored and Mr.Subject (Mohd Kalos) was hungry with photoshoot since he never experienced such session with us (The Rompongz).

So later that night, i grabbed my camera and meet the rest at Danau Kota. First of all we planned for a second Video Shoot for a unnamed montage... but it was too late and heavy for a video shoot since everyone was having their stomach full with Nasi Lemak Ayam and Nasi Kerabu for dinner...

Change of plan: Let's do a photoshoot for Mr.Subject!
So our model for the night did washed his face in the restroom and stylized his hair...hehe

Initially, we planned to do the shoot under the MRRII flyover bridge. But we used the area for few previous shoots. So...
We did managed to find a empty back alley that has few fluorescent light and grungy walls near to our daily Lepaking area at Sunway Batu Caves, Gombak.

What we used?
Using only a Nikon D7000 + Kit Lens & a TorchLight app from my Android Phone (btw, it's free from Google Play Store). 
Tripod? who needs it since you have your knees with you... errkk... must be a steady one aite..

How we did it? 
Always play with Manual Mode on your camera, and try to use all the lights source surrounding the area. 
Dont use to high ISO level, coz u might end up with grainy pictures. If you did, hide them using the Blur Tool in PS...hehe 
Use your buddies as tripod to hold the TorchLight to point at the Subject face.. and instruct Mr.Subject not to move at all while having that fearful face... fuhh scary...!

Yes, it's great to have your friends around you while doing the shoot. More ideas and input can be shared and be implemented. Ideas such us Mr.Subject positions and face expression which was the crucial part is done. And off course use your friend to hold any supporting equipment such as lighting (which was a torchlight).

2:30am | 3 June 2012

Art Direction: Bapak @ Rizal Ahmed
Lightman: Izham Aziz
Supporting member: Hasanul & Tokwan @ Irwan Ibrahim
Model : Mohd Kalos
Photography / Editing : Deanmalakian

Lepak With The Rompongz

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Weekend Video Project with The Rompongz
Camera :: Nikon D7000 DSLR | 720P 25 fps
Lense :: 18-105mm (Kit) | Nikkor 50mm 1.8
Editing / Grading :: After Effects | Adobe Premiere | Magic Bullet Looks | Final Cut Pro
Dolly :: Custom made slider
Shot, edited and graded by Deanmalakian

Thanks to: 
Rizal Ahmed on transportation, ideas and directions.
Our both hardworking actors Ismail and Hairi.
and off course our very helpful ironman Napie Pak Ipin.

Rompongz Photoshoot - 17 March 2012

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Location :

Crew :
Yus - Bandit 1250 S
Alantris - Blade 650
Ustaz Mail - Er-6F
Deen - Yamaha LC 5 Speed Maha Durjana


RompongTV : Rompongz Family Day | In The Shadow of The Moon | 2012

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Picture : Ride Kene Game - 26 Nov 2011

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Ride santai hendak mencari ketenangan di tepi pantai yg dianjurkan oleh En.Yus ke Blue Lagoon, PD pada 26 Nov 2011.Ride yang disertai oleh 10 bikers ini telah mencetuskan satu perbalahan, dimana2 masing2 lambat sampai ke Tol sg.besi pada pagi tu. masing2 duk call kononnya dah sampai la, padahal kat rumah lagi..hehe..
jadi terwujud la name ride ni "Kene Game"...hehehe
enjoy the pix...


Rompongz TerZaZuL Chart

  • paintkiller / paint remover - am
  • sejraha / sejarah - dean
  • Penyat / Penat - Zam CBr125 Cendawan
  • Tembakar / Terbakar - Dean
  • Moto 'Siti' / Motogp - Bpac
  • Templer Plak / Templer Park - Twan
  • Completition / Complition - dean
  • gigital / digital - Pedokskii
  • Pc Fair / PC5 - danny
  • Anter / Hantar - dean
  • Tahnaih / Tahniah - dean
  • hadas / hadis - tokwan
  • Jerat / Jerit - Bpac
  • Lambut / Rambut - Zul
  • Khusna / Khunsa - Napie

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